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VAPORTECH VAPO Disposable Salt Nicotine (10 count)


VAPORTECH VAPO Disposable Salt Nicotine


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VaporTech, a leader and innovator in the vaping space, has finally introduced its disposable to the market, and it is a robust offering. The disposable, which comes in nine flavors (flavors like strawberry summer menthol, tobacco, and much more), is the perfect solution for vapers looking for a product they can take on the go.

  • Comes in 3% and 6% nicotine strength or 30mg and 50 mg of nicotine
  • Holds more than 280 puffs
  • Three devices per package
  • Comes in nine flavors

Thanks to its draw-activated technology, all you have to do is open the package and inhale it. It also holds more than 280 puffs, a remarkable feat considering its petite size. Its almost as long as a pinky finger, so its great for discreet and stealth vaping. It comes in 30mg and 60mg of nicotine, so its great for vapers who want to choose their nicotine strength. If youre looking for a brand new disposable vape, give the VaperTech disposable a try.

Flavors: Kiwi , Mango 平

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