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Vaporesso Luxe2 GT Mesh Coils 3pc (1 box)


Vaporesso Luxe2 GT Mesh Coils, 3 pieces per box.


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The Vaporesso GT Mesh Replacement Coil is one of the most innovative coils on the market today. The Vaporesso Gt Coils were designed to be compatible with most Vaporesso sub-ohm tanks, this coil improves flavor and vapor production while boasting impressive longevity. Mesh material ensures an even distribution of heat that improves your vaping sessions in every way. The Vaporesso GT coil resistance level of 0.18-ohms operates most efficiently when the wattage of your vaping device is set between 65 and 75. These mesh replacement coils won’t burn out after just a few uses. This is because of the mesh material that increases the heating surface area. Plus, they are made with high-quality organic cotton that distributes your e-liquid evenly.

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