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TATAOO Glass Fish Pendant Showerhead Bong (1 box)


TATAOO Glass Fish Pendant Showerhead Bong C13.


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This TATAOO Glass pipe is the first of its kind. If you love underwater creatures this is the dab rig for you. Its detailed intricate design includes a fish, coral bloom, and octopus so it’s sure to stand out in any glass collection and make all your friends jealous. Available in either blue or orange accents, it not only looks great but it smokes well too.

The thick glass structure, beaker style chamber, and thick glass bottom ensure durability without tipping over. A curved neck design plays a splash-proof role, preventing any water from approaching your mouth. In the main chamber is a showerhead percolator that contains several small slits to increase the surface area of your smoke for the best possible smoke cooling and filtration.

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