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Squid Game Alarm Clock Assorted Design (1 box)


Squid Game Alarm Clock Assorted Design.


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  • Mini night light: The alarm clock can wake you up to work or school in time. This color-changing alarm clock night light is suitable for those people. Enjoy a pleasant morning. This alarm clock provides the convenience of setting two alarm clocks and the lighting effects of the night light.
  • Color change: This is a colorful alarm clock, which can change a variety of colors to make your every day unique.
  • Alarm clock: an ideal product for bedtime, children’s room or family. This alarm clock is the perfect bedside companion at any time of the day, perfect for those looking for a smart night light with a bedside alarm clock. With night lights and alarm clocks, the alarm clock is active all night, not just when you need it.
  • Exquisite and compact design, very suitable for bedroom, living room, study, children’s room and school dormitory.

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