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Raw Cone Cutter (12 count)


The Left-Over Sprucer-Upper! Cut off your ash for a fresh relight every time (perfect for leftovers). The RAW Cone Cutter has sharpened 80 degree blades designed specifically for snipping your RAW smoke. This way you can easily trim off the end to make re-lighting taste better! Cutting back around 4mm from the ash point is usually best. It’s also great as an extinguisher, just cut off the end and put the remainder in your case! Don’t miss the built-in poker (it’s flush mounted so it won’t fall off during transport).

Based on the classic cigar cutter, we modified the blades and structure to be PERFECT for PAPER!

Whenever you want to save a partial cone for later, just trim off the ash part. When you re-light it will taste MUCH better and you’ll immediately understand why we created this device for you!!!


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