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Pop Top Container 6 Drams 600 count (1 box)


Pop Top Container 6 Drams, 600 count.


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Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles are made in sunny Southern California, right down the street from our Orange County facility. By manufacturing our own bottles we’ve been able to provide a quality product at an affordable price while reducing our carbon footprint by over 99%!

To be honest, they’re all cheap plastic bottles, but ours is a GOOD cheap plastic bottle.  When we decided to create our own pop tops, we dedicated ourselves to making some improvements to this industry-standard packaging solution. For starters, we’ve manufactured these bottles with a softer BPA-free resin that results in a durable, less brittle bottle with stronger hinges. The softer resin makes opening the bottles easier on your hands but does not affect the odor-reducing seal. We’ve also made these bottles easier to label. The pinch grip grooves on the bottom of the bottle are compatible with automatic labeling machines and the de-bossed imprint on the top allows for smooth label application over the top of the bottle.

To open, simply squeeze the sides near the top of the vial and hear the “pop” that made these bottles famous.

Flip Top 6 Dram containers are a safe place to store medical and recreational herbs. The vials have a positive seal for enhanced freshness. The containers impermeable casing substantially extends product shelf life for worry-free pre-packaging. The containers have a positive seal for enhanced freshness. Odor tight for secure storage and content privacy. All containers are medical grade plastic, BPA-free, and moulded of natural gas-based polypropylene material.

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