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Oklahoma Cannabis Warning Labels (1 box)


Oklahoma OMMA Rx Labels, 1000 count.


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Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Warning Labels are compliant with Oklahoma State Medical Marijuana Labeling Requirements. These labels contain the required “Contains THC Not Safe For Kids Or Pets” cannabis warning symbol as mandated by state law.

High quality graphic design of the label clearly shows the message given as per the law of the OMMA. Our labels are made of great quality materials at amazing prices. They are used for different cannabis products.  At the time when these labels were created, the measuring requirements were kept in mind.

The 1000 count roll of Oklahoma Cannabis Warning labels are in complete compliance in the state of Oklahoma. Be sure to take advantage of our fine product at an economical price.

Keep out of reach of children. Women are advised not to use cannabis or medical cannabis products during pregnancy. Reason being that it involves risk of birth defects or while breastfeeding.

These labels are produced with a matte finish for a perfect writing surface.

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