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Neon Mini Torch Lighter 20ct (1 box)


Linse Torch Neon, 15 lighters.


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Big things come in small packages! These Linse Pocket Torches are small enough to slip into your pocket and hold in the palm of your hand, but can shoot a strong enough flame to rival their larger cousins. Whether you want strong power in the palm of your hand, a unique lighter compared to the rest, or just need a new lighter, take the Linse Pocket Torch for a spin!

These mini torches operate just like larger ones, with a clickable lever to enable the flame, and have a small cap with a connected chain so it’s never lost. Their tank may be small but the flame can burn continuously for hours without running dry; and when it does, the tank is refillable from the bottom to cap off and continue to use your favorite lighter.

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