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LOOKAH Sophisticated Recycler Bong WPC743 (1 box)


LOOKAH Sophisticated Recycler Bong WPC743.


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This sophisticated recycler bong is part of Lookah’s Platinum glass range. With a dual-chamber design connected by five tubes, the water can cycle between each chamber, adding a dual filtration for big clean rips.

It offers a heady amount of filtration starting with a five-arm tree percolator using 25 slots to disperse the smoke through the lower chamber. These create a torrent of bubbles that not only looks great but also filters impurities while cooling and dispersing the smoke.

As the smoke rises from the tree perc, it’s funneled by the four long elegant tubes delivering the cooled smoke to an impressive barrel chamber. The circular nature of this chamber whips the smoke around with great intensity, piling up into large dense clouds as the water drains down through the central corkscrew.

Sat on top of this barrel is a puck-shaped chamber that doubles as a splashback guard. The now thick smoke is condensed further through this before it could cruise out from the 3-inch straight neck into your waiting mouth.

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