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LOOKAH Giant Chamber Mushroom Bong WPC763 (1 box)


LOOKAH Giant Chamber Mushroom Bong WPC763.


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A giant chambered bong with a manic “Mario mushroom” glaring back from the top and inviting you for just one more rip, go you know you want to.

This stunning bell-shaped bong is made from impressively thick and durable borosilicate glass with a playful and beautifully detailed mushroom theme.

The huge chamber sits on top of a sturdy circular base and features a large disc percolator with a massive number of slits for superb smoke filtration.
You can be confident that every rip you take from this piece will produce a dense cloud while remaining smooth on the throat.

Artistic polka-dotted mushrooms branch off from the stem of the perc.
A big manic-faced mushroom monster with a classic fairytale toadstool top makes up the mouthpiece.

The iconic gold Lookah Glass logos adorn the clear chamber, and you’ll have an uninterrupted view of the foaming bubbling madness this bong creates. It’s a wonderful piece that lacks nothing when it comes to artistry and will be a center point of any bong or dab rig display.

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