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Little High Delta-8 Vape Oil Cartridge (1 box)


Little High Delta-8 Vape Oil Cartridge, 1 Gram 1mL.


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Little High Exotics Delta 8 THC Carts 
These Delta 8 Carts from Little High give you strain specific options with great taste from terpenes. Each cartridge contains 1ml of D8, Terpenes, CBC, CBG and CBD from Hemp.
Sour Diesel – Sativa – This energetic blend of lemon and orange, produce a sweet citrus flavor that will brighten up your day for sure.
Gushers – Sativa – This explosive blend is packed with a delicious thick fruit flavor.
Apple Gush – Sativa – Sweet and crisp apple bursting with flavor to get you going.
Watermelon Gush – Hybrid – Sweet refreshing watermelon to enjoy any time of day.
Girl Scout Cookies – Hybrid – Get ready for a sweet blend of mint with hints of peppermint. Perfect for a calm and focus balance.
Runtz – Hybrid – This fruity flavor smells just like a bag of the sugary candy!
Sunset Sherbert – Hybrid – This delicious flavor is packed with a creamy pineapple punch!
Mango Gush – Indica – Relax with this satisfying tropical juicy mango treat.
Purps – Indica – This purple stuff inherits a complex grape and berry aroma. Perfect for bedtime.
Biscotti – Indica – This classic cookie taste will have you feeling relaxed.
  • 1ml / 1 gram cart
  • 85% Delta 8 THC
  • 10% CBC/CBG/CBD
  • 5 % Terpenes
  • 0% Cutting Agents.
Flavors: Gushers, Apple Gush, Watermelon Gush, Mango Gush, Runtz, Purps, Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbert, Biscotti, Sour Diesel

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