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King Palm Original Singles 50ct (1 box)


King Palm 5 pack, 15 count.


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KingPalm Single King

50ct in a box

The best thing about our King Pack is that you get the perfect big rolls for sharing with friends. With up to 2 grams of herbs with every roll, you get to relish a long and relaxing smoking experience. Here is what sets our King Pack apart from the rest of the similar products on the market.

With our product you get:

  • Single king-size leaf rolls that hold 2 grams of your preferred herbs
  • Slow-burning rolls for the ultimate smoking experience
  • A pen to push all the herbs inside
  • Boveda 2-way moisture control package of 62% to keep every roll nice and fresh
  • The cleanest and most natural leaf rolls you can share
  • A product that can stay fresh for one year.
Flavors: King, Slim

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