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HERBO Contactless Vaporizer (1 box)


HERBO Contactless Vaporizer.

It’s Scientific!

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The HERBO is a scientifically designed smoking apparatus which creates the unique and incredible “Hydrafuge Effect”. This is the first and only smoking system in the world to employ this revolutionary technology.

The HERBO name is a direct acronym of it’s actual scientific description. Specifically, HERBO stands for Hydro Electro Respiratory Ballistic Optimizer. Countless hours of scientific research and cutting edge design went into the creation of the HERBO smoking system. The HERBO’s unique design makes it simple to use and easy to maintain for virtually anyone. Undoubtedly, you’ll discover the HERBO Pipe delivers the most pleasurable smoking experience as can be attained. Ultimately, the HERBO smoking system is the future of smoking!


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HERBO pipe has a new stem system!

The new HERBO stem simply inserts into the raised mound on the acrylic dome. Make sure the O ring is seated in the groove on the end of the stem and then insert.

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