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Hempire Rillo Sized 60 Hemp Wraps 15/4pk (1 box)

  • U.S. Farmed Organic Hemp.
  • 100% natural hemp wrapper:  No synthetic wrap dyes / no synthetic green dye.
  • U.S. organic premium hemp biomass blend only available for the Hempire brand.
  • 7% gum arabic lick n’ stick technology – invisible and part of the hemp wrap itself.
  • Rillo-size, the first terpene-infused rillo sized hemp wrap.
  • Terpene-infused options designed to fit in the dispensary, smoke, and head shop channel.
  • Vegan.
  • Non-GMO Hemp.
  • Pesticide Free Hemp.
  • Tobacco Free.
  • Nicotine Free.


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Hempire Rillo Sized Hemp Wraps, 1 box contains 15 pouches. Each pouch contains 4 wraps

Flavor: Strawblurry Clouds, Honey Fu-Fu, Blueblurry Blaze, Cäli Cream, Rilla-G, Clemen-Terp

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