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HEMPER Ninja Rig Bong Water Pipe (1 box)


HEMPER Ninja Rig Bong Water Pipe.


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This 7″ Ninja rig will have you feeling lit after a few bowl packs for sure! Plus, the aesthetics of the rig will end up attracting a lot of looks at the next cyph. You’re guaranteed a smooth bowl pack because of the showerhead percolator on this rig.

Smooth rips only!!
  • Height: 7″
  • Base: 3″ wide
  • Built-in dab tool holder
  • Colored showerhead percolator
  • Pagoda style glass piece
  • **Ninja Dab tool does not come with this rig**


  • (1) Hemper Ninja Rig
  • (1) 14 mm male flower bowl.

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