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Halal Beef Jerky (24 sticks)


Halal Beef Jerky Original, 24 sticks.


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Looking for your new favorite snack? Look no further than Halal’s Best Beef Sticks. We think our beef stick snacks are better than those beef jerky snack brands. Our pack of 24 original flavor beef sticks is so delicious and craveable you’ll be rushing back to try all the other flavors. Halal’s Best original beef sticks are 100% natural, halal certified beef. The beef sticks are nitrate free, soy free, dairy free and gluten free. Whether you follow a strict Islamic dietary law or looking to just eat healthier like Keto or Paleo diets, Halal’s Best Beef Sticks is the perfect choice for you. The texture, freshness and savory taste are second to none.

Flavors: Original, Red Pepper, Pepper, Jalapeno, Cajun

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