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H2OG Waterpipe Vaporizers For Dry Herb (1 box)


H2OG Waterpipe Vaporizers For Dry Herb


H2OG Sunpipe Waterpipe

SUNAKIN – H2OG Waterpipe, Vaporizers and 420 Smoking

Dry Herb Vaporizer.


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SUNVAPE Sunpipe H2OG is a great looking and eye-catching water pipe vaporizer. As a revolutionary alternative device, it is suitable for CBD and THC. After the bowl is lit, it stays lit. The smoke collects in the tank to enjoy as you please. Smoking through the water tank cools the smoke and removes ash. It’s a great looking, eye-catching waterpipe.

1. A revolutionary alternative device for CBD and THC
2. Replaceable glass water tank
3. Push button to open top cap
4. Magnetic cap
5. Adjustable 0.5g / 1g Bowl.

Technical Data:
Material: Stainless Steel and Glass
Chamber capacity: 0.1-0.5 gram
Fit for: CBD and THC
Color: SS, Black, Gunmetal

Package Includes:
1 x SUNVAPE SunPipe H20G WaterPipe
1 x Filling and Cleaning Tools
1 x User Manual.

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