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Genius Pipe Portable Smoking System (1 box)


Genius Pipe

Portable Smoking System

Fully Graded Metal Body.


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Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by how great the Genius pipe is. It’s easy to clean, a breeze to load, and smokes like a dream. (Or like a water pipe, without the need for water!) The pipe separates in half to reveal the dimpled interior of the air passage. This air passage design helps cool the smoke, reduce drag and filter out tar while taking your hit.

The bowl cover slides back to let you pack a bowl and then slides over it to completely protect it or save it for later. If you want to do a taster hit, you merely slide the screen up to where just the hole is over the edge of the bowl and can take a pinpoint hit. Or you can slide the screen all the way to the large circle and hit the bowl like normal.

Cleaning is done easily by separating the pipe into three pieces and wiping each part down using 420 Wipes or ISO. This is the easiest pipe out there to thoroughly disinfect in a matter of seconds. No germs, no virus, no stale odors or foul tastes.

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