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FIREDOG Smell Proof 3″x6″ Travel Bag (1 box)


FIREDOG Smell Proof 3″x6″ Travel Bag.

FIREDOG Smell Proof Bags, Fabric Odor Proof Bag for Dog Tested 3″x6″ Small Stash Travel Storage Pouch.


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  • Made of durable PU leather and lined with premium activated carbon and filtering non-woven fabric offering superior multi-purpose odor protection.
  • The velcro closure provides a complete smell proof, enclosure for all of your goods.
  • The smell proof bag is moisture and tear resistant while protecting and preserving your coffee and spices.
  • The 6×3 inch odor proof pouch is the ultimate storage and travel bag! Small, compact and light enough for easy travel.
  • FIREDOG offers life time warranty on our smell proof pouch, guarantee with 100% satisfaction service.

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