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DGK G Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Green (1 box)


DGK G Pro Herbal Vaporizer With Gift Box Packaging.

The G Pro Herbal Vaporizer has three built-in temperature settings. The color temperature light below the power button indicates the temperature. The temperature settings range from 320°F to 420°F.

Color: DGK army green camo

Battery: 2200mAh
Charging Time: 3.5 to 4 hours
Kit Weight: 430 grams
Vaporizer type: dry herb

Each set contains:

1× Rechargeable DGK G Pro Herbal Vaporizer
1× G Pro Mouthpiece
1× G Pro Filter
5× G Pro Filter Screens
1× G Pro Cleaning Brush
2× G Pro Extended Mouthpiece Sleeves
3× G Pro Mouthpiece Sleeves
1× G Pro Wired USB Charger
1× G Card.


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Durable in design and sophisticated in aesthetic, the internal structure is comprised of a heavy duty, heating chamber that releases the active ingredients in botanicals without the harmful byproducts associated with combustion or smoke.

Fully customized, the DGK | G Pro Vaporizer is packaged in a highly-stylized ammo box with a stainless steel dog tag grinder.  To top things off, the collaboration features Boo Johnson’s first, full-featured skate DVD, “Blood Money”, a celebration of his newly achieved professional status and valued partnership with Grenco Science’s official G Life Skate Team.

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