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Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner (1 box)


Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner.


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  • Perfect for Cleaning Quartz Nails and Bangers
  • Made from 100% Plant-Based Materials
  • Safe for Glass, Ceramic, Acrylic and non-colored Titanium
  • Odorless
  • Contains no phosphates and is non-toxic
  • 710mL / 24oz.

Dark Crystal Glass Clear Pipe Cleaner

Clear is not like alcohol, limonene, or acetone based cleaners. It is not a chemical solvent. Because it is food-based and organic, Clear needs to be heated up to perform optimally. It will not work optimally if it is colder than room temperatures. Below are instructions to get the best performance from Clear. You can hear the solution as many times as you like. The heating and cooling process will not break it down. Always remember to store it in a sealed container to avoid evaporation. Never use on a hot surface.

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