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CURER Vaporizer Coils (1 box)


CURER Vaporizer Coils.


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LTQ Vapor CURER Coils is specially fit for the LTQ vapor CURER Kit, it has stainless steel, ceramic and quartz coils to choose from. They are 0.4ohm dry herb coil; 0.65ohm concentrate wax coil and 1.4 oil coil. It has a unique atomization ability for various atomized substances such as concentrate, flower, and oil. What’s more intimate is that you don’t need to worry about the aging or dirt of the coil. You can change to a new coil at any time after using it for a certain period of time. 3 coil resistance for you to choose; 3pcs each pack.

Types: Dry Herb Coil, Concentrate Coil, Oil Coil

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