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Crop King Organic Hemp Wraps 15/2ct (1 box)


Crop Kingz Hemp Wraps 15/2ct (1 box)

30 total wraps in a box.


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Crop Kingz is the first ever Peel & Seal hemp wrap! These wraps are made of premium American grown organic hemp and include a SELF-SEALING GUM STRIP made out of Natural Arabic Gum. DO NOT LICK or WET! This self sealing gum strip is extra sticky, no more sealing with spit!

1. Fill

2. Peel

3. Seal


  • 15ct Display
  • 2 Wraps per foil
  • Biodegradable Filling Tool which can be cut for Tips!
Flavors: ThugPassion, JungleJuice, Variety Pack

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