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Cigar Blunt Cutters (1 jar)


Cigar Blunt Cutters.


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EZ Splitz Cigarette Cutter Blunt Splitter Easy EZ Splitz is a new key chain accessory that’s designed to assist the blunt smoker achieve the perfect cut. EZ Splitz Blunt Size is now available for the bigger sized cigars like Dutch Master and Phillies.

EZ Splitz is available and guarantees a quick split for a perfect cut every time at your convenience. You will be receiving the EZ Split cutter along with a key chain accessory.

Color: Multi Colors 60 Cigar Cutter Per Jar Sharp, Stainless-Steel, Blade.

Secure screw cups on both ends can be used to just make a draw cut, or to split the whole cigar compact pocket size, convenient to carry. Perfect split every time for cigarillo. Impress your friends. Small, lightweight & discreet, can be used to just make a draw cut, or to split the whole cigarillo.

Keep Away From Children, Fingers, and your Children’s Fingers!

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