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Big Mom Showerhead Inline Perc Water Pipe (1 box)


Big Mom Showerhead Inline Perc Water Pipe.


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Are you feeling horny for some herb? Let this Big Mom bong fill your need and deliver up lush clouds to satisfy your craving.

Boasting dual chambers, the first with showerhead percolator leading to the second with multi-slit UFO perc, this bong from Big Mom has super filtration to make your herb smoke as silky smooth as possible.

At 12.5 inches high and 810 grams is the perfect size for easy use while having enough space for plenty of filtration.

A large circular base is decorated by three spiral patterned horns, which complement and tie together the color accents on the base, percolators, and neck of the bong. Coming with a 14mm Big Mom bowl piece, it’s ready to hit as soon as it arrives.

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