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Airis Air Portable Vaporizer LIMITED EDITION (1 box)


Airis Air Portable Vaporizer LIMITED EDITION.


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Airis Air Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that uses for wax. It comes with 650mAh battery capacity and preheat function. With hands-free auto heating mode and voltages control, it is convenient for you to vape. It features Air atomizer and quartz heating element to bring a pure vaping enjoyment for you. The magnetic mouthpiece will connect the atomizer and mouthpiece tightly. And Air Vaporizer is designed with variable voltages to fit your different needs of vaping.

1. Magnetic mouthpiece
2. Hands-free auto heating mode
3. Uses for wax
4. Adopts quartz coil
5. 650mAh battery capacity
6. Voltage control
7. Preheat function
8. Micro USB charging
9. Air atomizer.

Technical Data:
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Coil: Quartz coil
Use for: Wax
Voltage: Voltage control
Charging: Micro USB cable
Atomizer: Air atomizer
Mouthpiece: Magnetic mouthpiece.

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