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AirBar MAX Disposable Stick (10 count)


AirBar MAX Disposable Stick, 10 count.

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $62.91.

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The new Air Bar Max disposable vape device made by Suorin. Every vape head is in love with the Air Bar Lux but the company shocked everyone again by releasing the Air Bar Max disposable vape which has 2000 puffs! The Max comes with the same flavorful flavors as the Lux but everything else is different. What makes Max unique is the new modern design to support such a big puff count. The mouthpiece is not rubber but a slim circular plastic mouthpiece. The coolest part about this design is the bottom, which lights up once activated.

Flavors: Holly, Alps, Sakura Grape, Energy Drinks, Strawberry Mango, Kiwi Berry Ice, Pudding, Shake Shake, Banana Shake, Red Bull Ice, Cranberry Grape, Apple Shake, Guava Shake, Watermelon Ice, Red Mojito, Cool Lemon, Cool Mint, Kiwi Lemon Shake

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